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femslash12 letter!

Hi! We matched on at least one of my fandoms, which means you are awesome. ♥.

If you want to know more about me/what I like, tumblr and AO3 are probably the best places to look. This is very much optional details are optional, so if you've already got an idea then please go for it! All this is just here for inspiration, so please pick and choose whatever works for you :D

General things I like: Ladies being badass! AUs of absolutely any kind (although! I do really love the canon universes for all of my requests, so please don't feel at all obliged to go AU), domesticity for characters who have intense and action-packed working lives, awesome adventures for characters who have fairly tame working lives, universes where homosexuality and queer characters are treated as entirely normal and not even worth an eyebrow raise, ridic tropes like bodyswap and sexpollen and suddenly! telepathy!, banter and snark and people being sarcastic instead of saying how they really feel, taking a long time to realise they have feelings for someone (and maybe being a bit of an idiot about it), and then being grown-up about it when they do realise they have feelings for someone. First kisses that have been a long time coming, hot, sudden and desperate kisses, established couples that kiss each other all the time just because they can, pinning someone against a wall/tree/nearest tall object to kiss with them, we-appear-to-be-trapped-in-a-small-space-together-let's-make-out (I'm super into kissing in case you can't tell). Sex is absolutely not required, but if you want to include it then I like characters who talk and laugh their way through sex (unless it's an antagonistic pairing, in which case, snarking and bantering their way through sex). As long as they're enjoying themselves, everything else is completely up to you.

I like romantic comedies with zombies, self-discovery, quiet pieces about a character's everyday life and the people they love, fantastic adventures that lead to characters growing closer and maybe falling in love, crossdressing, saving each other's lives (repeatedly, and especially if they shouldn't actually be doing it), girls who like to be in control and taking it, and characters who are really good at, and really enjoy, what they do.

Things I definitely dislike: non-con, permanent character death, physical or emotional abuse, self-harm, slut-shaming, infidelity, homophobia, character-bashing, the angst that comes with breaking up with one person to be with someone else (for any of these characters in canon relationships with other people, please either break them up somewhere far off screen or set it at a time when they're not together or make it AU so they were never together, something like that), bleak and hopeless endings. Basically nothing too heavy? Preferably nothing darker than the canon, for all of these fandoms.

My Requests:
Doctor Who: Oswin Oswald/Anyone, Sally Sparrow/Anyone, Madame Vastra/Jenny (A Good Man Goes to War), Toshiko Sato/Amy Pond, Toshiko Sato/Martha Jones, Amy Pond/Martha Jones, Lady Christina/Anyone
Marvel Avengers Movieverse: Darcy Lewis/Anyone, Natasha Romanoff/Pepper Potts, Lady Sif/Natasha Romanoff, Lady Sif/Darcy Lewis
Once Upon A Time: Aurora/Mulan, Emma/Regina, Mary Margaret/Ruby, pre-S2 Emma/Mary Margaret
Teen Wolf: Allison/Lydia, Erica/Allison, Lydia/Erica, Erica/Allison/Lydia, Allison/Kate, Ms Morell/Lydia, Ms Morell/Allison
The Lizzie Bennet Diaries: Lizzie/Charlotte, Lizzie/Caroline, Jane/Caroline
Doctor Who/Marvel Avengers Movieverse: Amy Pond/Peggy Carter, Oswin Oswald/Natasha Romanoff, Amy Pond/Darcy Lewis

So, I tried to write specifics for each of these, but it turns out they can all be summed up as 'competent and brilliant ladies! \o/!!!', so. I love all of these characters to a ridiculous degree, and as long as they stay in character and you enjoy writing about them then you pretty much can't go wrong! For prompts: I love seeing the softer side of characters that have a very hard and opaque mask to the world (like Natasha, and Regina, and Lydia), and I love seeing characters who are perceived as fairly normal getting to be utterly brilliant (like Darcy, and Allison, and arguably pretty much all the Doctor Who ladies), and I love stories about friends/enemies/people who are thrown together because reasons and end up falling in love. For all of them, something set in the canon universe will delight me just as much as an AU (and for Once Upon A Time, I love things that explore the fairytale world, and stories that explore the mechanics of living for 28 years without ageing in Storybrook).

And after all that, I just want to emphasise that this is not an exhaustive list of things I like! You don't have to tick off things to make me happy, so please write what you enjoy and don't stress about including some kind of epic zombie apocalypse AU with dragons and swordfights and surprise telepathy (... although that would be cool).

If you've got any questions (or if you want actual prompts, because I feel like this hasn't been helpful at all), anon commenting is on.

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