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[ profile] marvel_bang art \o/

My art for the awesome Shield Academy by [ profile] duckgirlie!

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Toni Stark is perfection in biker boots and candy-apple lipstick, and Beth Banner never had a chance.

I don't get to draw genderswap things very often, despite loving it to a ridiculous degree, so this was so much fun! and [ profile] duckgirlie was immensely helpful in figuring out what these girls looked like - Toni being kind of small and sprawled out and not particularly caring about her appearance, and Beth being, well, much better put together. It was so much fun researching New York to find a good setting for this - if google isn't lying to me, that coffee shop behind them is a Starbucks in the Village, but don't hold me to that.

The fic is an absolute delight, so go read it! :D

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I think they look perfectly genderswapped!

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You know I love this, but to say again: I love this!

I love Toni's red-gold iPhone case, and her tshirt, and her pile of bags, and the way she's sprawled out taking up loads of space, and Beth's just sitting there, carefully not taking up more space then she thinks she should. And that Beth has all her attention focused on Toni!


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Seriously gorgeous work! They are still so recognizable as themselves. Lovely positioning of them, says so much about them both.

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ohmygod, this is breathtakingly gorgeous!!! Love your color palette and textures, and how they are still *them*. And, the details! Toni's unlaced boots! Be still my heart <3

This must have taken so much work...great job on a fabulous big bang piece!