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take me as i am

My first piece for [ profile] marvel_bang! It's for Not Such A Compromise by [ profile] pookaseraph, an absolutely wonderful Regency AU with a genderswapped Stephanie Rogers. I loved the style and setting so much that it was slightly overwhelming trying to choose a single scene to draw, but I eventually settled on one of the ball scenes, as dancing was vital to courtship and I love the form. As the dances are lit entirely by candlelight I wanted to paint something both softly dark and glowing, to make it seem as intimate as possible in a public setting.

Now go read the story here!

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That is just a stunning illustration.
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Oh, that's just gorgeous! I love the glow of the chandeliers, and how their bodies seem to be glowing a little as well. Stephie is particularly beautiful.

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Oh my God, this is amazing!!

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That is gorgeous - the light and color are amazing! And their faces, and everything, right down to the little star on waist of Stephanie's dress ♥
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So lovely, such beautiful fanart! And Steve/Tony Gender-switched regency romance too - thank you for sharing!
I adore the dust motes/ sparkles and love the detailing of a star at thr empire-line waist.