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emily ([personal profile] mushroom) wrote2014-02-01 07:52 pm
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would you like a treatment?

My second piece for [ profile] twreversebang! I had a desperate need for a Dollhouse AU, and the moment when the dolls wake up in the chair was ideal - iconic without restricting what someone could do with it, and the screencaps above the art were meant to be vaguely plot!! without insisting on anything specific.

The amazing [ profile] gothicauthor wrote Bullet in the Barrel to accompany this - and omg go read it now, because it's chilling and brilliant and everything you could possibly want from a Dollhouse crossover! ♥

Now go read the fic!

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Beautiful artwork!! I love how much emotion you can see in just one little moment.

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This is really lovely art!! And UGH that the story never happened, based on this it would have been AMAZING.

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This looks gorgeous!

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I really love this art and am so bummed that there's no fic to go with it (yet?). Anyway, you put together such an amazing prompt and I love it. <3

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Oh that is wicked cool. Love how you two-dimensified the active treatment of the Dollhouse canon, awesome stuff!