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OT3-centric coda to The Power of Three, because oh my god, if that whole episode wasn't about how perfect the Doctor, Rory and Amy are all together then I don't even know.

stay (if you're wondering); eleven/rory/amy; r )
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I needed to write some warm-up porn to get me in the right headspace for another fic I'm working on, and suddenly Sterek happened. :D?

feeling as good as lovers can; derek/stiles; NC-17 )
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yeah, I write Teen Wolf fic now?

raise your weapon; stiles/derek; pg )
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[ profile] spn_j2_bigbang art! I signed up at the very last minute, because there was a fic that was loosely based on a Kate Beaton comic and it had Mounties and I literally couldn't resist. \o/?

mountie jared and his trusty steed; gen; CRACK )
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Sherlock art! because I needed an excuse to stare at Benedict Cumberbatch for several days, obviously.

classical; gen with vaguely implied sherlock/john; pg-13 for shirtlessness )
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A couple of things drawn for the Porn Battle XIII! Both NSFW :D

distracting; gwen/morgana; r )

shine; brittany/santana; r )


Dec. 31st, 2011 01:33 pm
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Yuletide! I received four (four!!) gifts, all for my prompt of Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, and they are all absolutely brilliant and I am the luckiest recipient ever, omg. I'm attempting to give proper recs beyond flailing about how brilliant and perfect and enjoyable and mine! these are, but that does apply to all of them :D

A Change in the Wind (2481 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Eleventh Doctor
Summary: Why does Mary Poppins have a bag that's bigger on the inside? Why, because she's a Time Lady, of course!
Rec'd because: Mary's voice is perfect, and there's discussions with Eleven, and it's fascinating seeing both how she operates as a Time Lady and how others view The Doctor. A perfect crossover!

A Family (1636 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Romana, Bert, Jane Banks, Michael Banks
Summary: After the Time War, Mary finds her own means of travelling.
Rec'd because: Mary is Romana! You don't need to know much Classic Who to understand (because I certainly don't, and this is still brilliant), and it covers all the magic things Mary does and explains them with Time Lord technology and technobabble, and it's glorious.

Hanging By a Moment (136 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Jack Harkness
Summary: Umbrellas are timeless.

A Respectable Person Like Me (321 words)
Characters: Mary Poppins, Bert, The Doctor, River Song
Summary: In Which Mary Poppins is a time lord (of a sort).
Rec'd because: This is like an espresso shot of Time Lord awesomeness.

And then more recs! I've been dipping into the archive without any sort of system or plan and only a vague sense of avoiding the large fandoms and really long fic just so I can read as much as possible before reveals, so these are kind of all over the place.
23 more awesome stories! )
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Horrible Histories fic! A de-anon of all my Charles II/Sotherby fic from [ profile] hhanon, because this fandom has taken over my brain and I'm writing ridiculous amounts. what even. :D

heroes aren't born (they're built); charles/sotherby pre-slash; g )

champagne; charles/sotherby; pg-13 )

never having to say you're sorry; charles/sotherby; NC-17 )
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a couple of sketches, because glee is back and it's... problematic as ever, but then there's ♥BLAINE♥ and ♥♥QUINN♥♥ and everything's okay.

riotgrrl quinn is my new favourite; gen; g )

also there are new darren pics where he's looking dreamy as ever; klaine; g )
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because the Horrible Histories fandom has taken over my brain, and Doctor Who is back in less than a week, here's some art :D (although it is two separate pieces, not a crossover, regardless of how brilliant Elagabalus/Rory Williams would be.)

HH; gen; totally g-rated )

DW; arguably gen; still g-rated )
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some last-minute brittana art for the porn battle \o/

afterlife of the party; santana/brittany; r )
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It's Porn Battle season! And there are Horrible Histories prompts oh my I wonder who put those there.

conquered the known world; alexander/hephaestion; nc-17 (aka ALL THE MILITARY SEX METAPHORS) )
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I've been drawing so much in the last month or so that, by my standards, I almost feel downright productive. I'm also a massive dork who has Horrible Histories fanart in the works, however, so I probably shouldn't be feeling quite so accomplished.

2 pics, both rachel/quinn, g & r rating )
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I wrote Rory-centric pre-OT3 fic! Also it's my birthday, but guess which one of these I'm more excited about. :D.

hey stranger, i want you; eleven/rory/amy; r )


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