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Title: Once, A Glimpse
Rating: R
Pairing: Howince
Prompt: 076 Who?
Summary: He's captivating, and you're trapped.
A/N: So. Apparently my ability to write nice, sane normal fic has vanished. Title nicked off Maximo Park, thought it was appropriate ;D For the challenge #11 at BSH.

Discarded traces of a love I never had )

My LTD ^_^
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Apologies, I'm just being dreadfully organised. Making all my [ profile] fanfic100 things in seperate entries 'n all...

Title: Pain
Rating: PG
Pairing: Howince
Summary: The aftermath of a good night out.
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.

From my drabbles meme )

My LTD ^_^
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Title: Lemon
Rating: G
Pairing: Howince
Summary: Vince wants shiny hair.
A/N: From a little drabble meme I'm doing - [ profile] lo0o0ony_lauren gave me the theme 'Lemon'. Go here if you want a drabble too =)
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.

Well, if the Victorians can do it... )
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Title: When The Sun Goes Down
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Howince
Summary: Well they say he changes when the sun goes down, ‘round here...
A/N: Series 2, after Nanageddon era. Vince is still very much a goth fairy. So much love to [ profile] froglett_29 for betaing this so fabulously for me!
Blame: Fall Out Boy. The boards. This pic.
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.

Making up for breaking Vince in my last fic! )
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Another pure dialogue thing. *eye roll*

Title: Hear Me Now
Pairing: Implied Howince
Rating: 15
Summary: You should feel grateful someone is actually talking to you. It’s been a while, hasn’t it?
Disclaimer: As if. Not mine, etc.
A/N: I never really feel part of a fandom ‘til I’ve put one of the characters through drug-related hell. Seriously. My LTD

You look like death, Vince. )
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Title: Perfect Fit
Pairing: Nolian, if you squint A LOT.
Rating: U
Word Count: 205
Summary: The birth of Howard Moon and Vince Noir
Disclaimer: As if.
A/N: Just a silly pure dialogue thing while I struggle through my many other Boosh fics ;D My LTD

Hallo Spaceboy )
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Title: Tender
Pairing: Howince
Rating: R
Word Count: 1,652
Summary: Vince is too playful.
Disclaimer: As if.

You're voodoo, I like you, I like you I do )


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