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This is pretty much just a back-up fic & art journal these days, so feel free to friend and defriend at will! I'm more active at tumblr, if you want to come talk to me ♥

For current fic: afterism@AO3
For current art: afterism@tumblr

masterlist; newer things nearer the top )
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OT3-centric coda to The Power of Three, because oh my god, if that whole episode wasn't about how perfect the Doctor, Rory and Amy are all together then I don't even know.

stay (if you're wondering); eleven/rory/amy; r )
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I needed to write some warm-up porn to get me in the right headspace for another fic I'm working on, and suddenly Sterek happened. :D?

feeling as good as lovers can; derek/stiles; NC-17 )
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yeah, I write Teen Wolf fic now?

raise your weapon; stiles/derek; pg )
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Horrible Histories fic! A de-anon of all my Charles II/Sotherby fic from [livejournal.com profile] hhanon, because this fandom has taken over my brain and I'm writing ridiculous amounts. what even. :D

heroes aren't born (they're built); charles/sotherby pre-slash; g )

champagne; charles/sotherby; pg-13 )

never having to say you're sorry; charles/sotherby; NC-17 )
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It's Porn Battle season! And there are Horrible Histories prompts oh my I wonder who put those there.

conquered the known world; alexander/hephaestion; nc-17 (aka ALL THE MILITARY SEX METAPHORS) )
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I wrote Rory-centric pre-OT3 fic! Also it's my birthday, but guess which one of these I'm more excited about. :D.

hey stranger, i want you; eleven/rory/amy; r )
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This is a glorified sketch that ended up consuming my evening and made me write mini-fic. These boys, wtf.

without restraint; kurt/blaine; pg-13 ish; spoilers for Glee ep 2.14 )
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Ridiculous HINABN Band AU is finally finished! omg.

hanna & the zombies; pg; hanna/un!zombie )
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This is [livejournal.com profile] rionaleonhart's writing challenge, because I need practice! And ridiculous crossovers will always be my favourite thing ever.

Alphabet ficsnippets! The first snippet contains one character whose name (first name, surname or nickname) begins with A and one whose name begins with B, the second a B and a C, the third a C and a D and so on until Z and A.

This is A&B through to N&O. Fandoms include: Disney (Aladdin, Beauty and The Beast, Mulan & Oliver and Company), Doctor Who, Firefly, Hanna is Not a Boy's Name, Harry Potter, Hetalia, Indiana Jones, Merlin, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural and White Collar.

That sound you hear? Is me scrapping the barrel for names. )
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I have so much fic on the [livejournal.com profile] hetalia_kink meme that I've never got around to de-anoning with. Also I have an essay that I'm avoiding. yay, distractions.

offshore; prussia/romano; nc-17 )
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because it's about time I de-anoned with something. \o/

wouldn't die for you; england/fem!america; r )


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