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A couple of things drawn for the Porn Battle XIII! Both NSFW :D

distracting; gwen/morgana; r )

shine; brittany/santana; r )
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a couple of sketches, because glee is back and it's... problematic as ever, but then there's ♥BLAINE♥ and ♥♥QUINN♥♥ and everything's okay.

riotgrrl quinn is my new favourite; gen; g )

also there are new darren pics where he's looking dreamy as ever; klaine; g )
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some last-minute brittana art for the porn battle \o/

afterlife of the party; santana/brittany; r )
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I've been drawing so much in the last month or so that, by my standards, I almost feel downright productive. I'm also a massive dork who has Horrible Histories fanart in the works, however, so I probably shouldn't be feeling quite so accomplished.

2 pics, both rachel/quinn, g & r rating )
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Watched the Glee finale at 2am. Spent the morning catching up on Doctor Who. Have Psychoville waiting in another tab and am trying to remember the last episode of Supernatural I saw.

It was so, so lovely being completely cut off from the world for two weeks, but I'm glad to be home. I do have a mini-comic to draw and I haven't even started unpacking and there are so many things I want to do, that I was planning while I was stuck on a boat without any of the things I wanted to create with but, for now, my shows. :D

small spoilers for Glee 2.22 and massive great big ones for Doctor Who in general )

I'm sure my reaction to this much fantasticness used to be the need to write fic about it. Now I just want to read other people's fic and draw my own silly pictures. Hmm. (had a minor epiphany while on holiday, after having to say 'I'm a temp' one too many times - hey, why not draw a comic. So, that's sort of happening, maybe. there will be lots more silly pictures in panel form, anyway.)

The flist and tumblr are a bit daunting right now, so - did I miss anything exciting? ♥
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Prom Queen was delightful, and Rachel knows the colour of Quinn's eyes. Art was kind of inevitable.

i was told i was beautiful; quinn/rachel; g )
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So the performance of Somewhere Only We Know has leaked and now I have all these feelings and adkfjadkfjv these boys. I drew something to help me through it. Spoilers for Glee episode 2.18!

somewhere to begin; kurt/blaine; g )
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I started this soon after Blame It On The Alcohol aired. This is what happens when I start a thing and then keep accidentally forgetting about it for a week at a time.

Raise Your Glass; G; blaine anderson & wallace wells )
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A collection of all the silly sketches and art I've done for [ profile] kurt_blaine memes so far!

some pics a bit NSFW (but no actual porn) )
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real life always goes behind a cut )

I want to write Klaine fic, but it has been so, so long since I wrote without a prompt that I'm kind of at a loss. Have a poll, darling flist.

[Poll #1707524]
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This is a glorified sketch that ended up consuming my evening and made me write mini-fic. These boys, wtf.

without restraint; kurt/blaine; pg-13 ish; spoilers for Glee ep 2.14 )
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Hi, Glee fandom! Have some porn.

never such a blizzard before; kurt/blaine; nc-17 )
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The art request/meme/general chatting post is still open! At least throw some prompts at me, yeah? ♥.

Apparently I haven't done this meme since 2008? what the hell, self.

List your top 10 celebrity male/female crushes.
- Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you and when that was.
- Supply photos for said people.

tl;dr version: UNF )

more art~

Jul. 26th, 2010 03:02 pm
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Second part! I didn't plan on really taking part in Porn Battle X, but apparently I have no resistance against hot femslash prompts.

Warning: This post is very, very NSFW.

Merlin; Morgana/Morgause; touched )

Harry Potter; Ginny/Pansy; bloody lip )

Wicked; Elphaba/Glinda )

DCU; Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy; vines )

Glee/High School Musical crossover; Sharpay Evans/Rachel Berry )

Glee; Santana/Brittany; pleated skirts )


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