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I need something to do that isn't on my To Do list. Or motivation to actually tackle my To Do list, I guess. Eh. Have some memes.

this looked untidy so it's going behind a cut. possibly my ocd is getting a bit bad. wallpaper and music! )

I spend most of my time on tumblr these days. I still love you, LJ! But you have no Ludo fandom :(

... I might put 'update LJ' on the To Do list just so I can feel like I've accomplished something today.

Question! What do you do to motivate yourself? I've found that turning off the internet for 25 minutes and doing nothing but writing can help me get through a fic I'm stuck on, but that's not helping me get on with all the art pieces I need to be finishing. Idk, any tips? ♥
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The art request/meme/general chatting post is still open! At least throw some prompts at me, yeah? ♥.

Apparently I haven't done this meme since 2008? what the hell, self.

List your top 10 celebrity male/female crushes.
- Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you and when that was.
- Supply photos for said people.

tl;dr version: UNF )
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aka Why Ludo are so awesome, and why you need to be into this band.

I'm usually quite unfussed about people reading my entries or not, but please check these guys out because they are fantastic and they deserve all the fans in the world. ♥.

without you, without restraint )
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I made this just so I could share it more easily. I'm in the middle of writing a Ludo primer, and part two pretty much revolves around this clip:

There should be a fandom for these guys, Y/Y/MFY?
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Things that people should know about!

- The Prompt fest at [ profile] merlin_muses is open!
- The latest Porn Battle is open to prompts :D :D :D

I'm being so lazy at the moment - job hunting is completely soul destroying and I feel like I'm going to keep drifiting until graduation, where everything is properly, offically over and I can stop panicking that they're going to change their mind about my grade (they might. stop looking at me like that).

So, mostly I've been distracting myself with shiny things. Mainly the Avatar: the Last Airbender cartoon - which I only started watching thanks to the epic fail surrounding the movie - and, omg, I've found my happy place. I swear I watch most episodes with the most ridiculous grin on my face. I have thoughts re: favourites and 'ships, but basically I love every single character so much, omg and Azula/Ty is my new OTP.

(I'm only up to episode 3.06 though, so please don't spoil me!)

Plus there's HINABN, which has me more creative and excited than I can ever remember being. It's even got me working on a fanvid which will be brilliant if, you know, I figure out how to actually make one. Although, it has made me realise just how terrible at drawing without reference I am, which can get quite depressing when the picture just isn't working properly, dammit, but it gives me something to focus on. I guess.

But then it also introduced me to Ludo, who I've finally got around to checking out and was half in love with by the end of Love Me Dead. And then I discovered they're named after the character from Labyrinth (hello, favourite film!) and, yeah, hi new favourite band!

Pretty much the only link between my two new loves is that one of Avatar's director's has the last name Volpe, and I'm already at the stage of hearts in my eyes over Ludo's frontman, so... yeah, no, that's pretty tenuous. Never mind.


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