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This is pretty much just a back-up fic & art journal these days, so feel free to friend and defriend at will! I'm more active at tumblr, if you want to come talk to me ♥

For current fic: afterism@AO3
For current art: afterism@tumblr

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This is [livejournal.com profile] _afterism's sort of... back up journal? I don't even know yet.

But, hi? ♥
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Drive-by recs that I've been slowly collecting since the archive opened! I've skipped the huge fandoms for now and just gone for the things that catch my interest, because I have an appallingly short attention span this year.

First, my amazing gifts!

Bioshock Infinite
The Accident (2276 words)
Relationships: Robert Lutece/Rosalind Lutece
Summary: How do you make sense of time when you no longer experience it as a linear path? How do you explain your experience of space when the laws of physics no longer apply to you? How can you blush without a heartbeat?
It's not easy, but Robert and Rosalind to do their best.
oh my god, I love this so much. It explores what happened to them immediately after the incident with their machine, and follows them as they explore their new state of existence, and Rosalind is a horrible tease and Robert blushes wonderfully easily and oh, it's just perfect in every way. Every time I reread it I find something new to be delighted by.
Why not sister? (1234 words)
Relationships: Robert Lutece/Rosalind Lutece
Summary: Elizabeth asks Rosalind an interesting question.
Rosalind continues to be a horrible tease and Elizabeth is more observant than perhaps she would like to be, and the voices in this are just perfect. And I do love it when other people try to figure out what exactly is going on between Rosalind and her 'brother'.

Peaky Blinders
Clean Dresses, Brass Tits, and the Importance of a Good Hatpin (3874 words)
Characters: Ada Shelby, Polly Gray, Finn Shelby
Summary: Three things that Polly Gray taught Ada Shelby during the war. Businesses don't run themselves, after all.
THE WOMEN OF THE SHELBY FAMILY, LET ME LOVE YOU. This is gloriously written backstory for Polly and Ada, where they continue to be terrifying and amazing and consummate survivors, and just, omg, it's perfect, if you watched any of Peaky Blinders or you just want to see women being awesome in 1900's Birmingham, GO READ IT. (though, also, do check the warnings before you read - there are the beginnings of brutality against women, but it's viciously shut down by the ladies themselves, which is wonderful all in itself)

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>> My Thread <<

I'm offering coloured lineart with a plain background like this or this or this, up to three characters per piece. Fandoms are Teen Wolf, The Avengers, Pacific Rim, Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, Doctor Who, Rise of the Guardians & Adventure Time, but if I've drawn the character/pairing before or you know I'm in the fandom then I'm probably willing to do art for it!
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my art for [livejournal.com profile] apocalypsebang! it accompanies the absolutely brilliant Cold and Dark by [livejournal.com profile] sparrowshellcat, which you should go read right now :D

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my [livejournal.com profile] teenwolf_bingo card, because I have a compulsion to sign up for all the things.

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