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I need something to do that isn't on my To Do list. Or motivation to actually tackle my To Do list, I guess. Eh. Have some memes.

this looked untidy so it's going behind a cut. possibly my ocd is getting a bit bad. wallpaper and music! )

I spend most of my time on tumblr these days. I still love you, LJ! But you have no Ludo fandom :(

... I might put 'update LJ' on the To Do list just so I can feel like I've accomplished something today.

Question! What do you do to motivate yourself? I've found that turning off the internet for 25 minutes and doing nothing but writing can help me get through a fic I'm stuck on, but that's not helping me get on with all the art pieces I need to be finishing. Idk, any tips? ♥
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aka Why Ludo are so awesome, and why you need to be into this band.

I'm usually quite unfussed about people reading my entries or not, but please check these guys out because they are fantastic and they deserve all the fans in the world. ♥.

without you, without restraint )
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the fanmix in which I try to prove that my two favourite sociopaths are, in fact, the same person. alien. whatever. (also, I've decided 'Joker/Master' is both denoting a same person different name thing and a 'ship, because the Master would totally sleep with himself. \o/)
It's a bit experimental and doesn't entirely make sense. But, heh, that's kind of the point.

Master of the Pack. Crack!mix! )


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